Vades Ltd is a Chemical Company, founded with experience and extensive scientific knowledge combined with a strong passion for peoples health and the hygienic conditions that we live in. We combine science, understanding and creativity of experts with their multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience to develop new generation disinfectants, cosmetics and complementary feeds.

Our range of products consist of Dermatoligist approved Health and Personal Hygiene products, new technology and eco friendly cleaning supplies, and supplements that provide health and hygiene for Bees.

When it comes to the development and manufacturing of our products, we use the latest technology and processes with a sustainable approach. We have proven to each of our clients that with such development strategies and employee expertise – we only develop the best.

our advantages
Our mission, vision, goals and values

MISSION - Our mission is to become the leading supplier of hygiene products and provide customers with reassurance that all our products are healthy, efficient and eco friendy. We provide industries with the highest level of customer satisfaction and relentessly pursue the customers objective to live in a healthy and clean environment.

VISION - We believe that our innovative and sustainable solutions keep us one step ahead of the competition.

OUR GOALS - To be the first choice in addressing infection prevention and contaminations. To provide professional hygiene management with highly effective products and expert support services for household, industrial, food processing, veterinary, hospital, dental care, elderly care....
Enter the world of new, revolutionary disinfectants, personal hygiene products and complementary food.


With the latest technology and knowledge our research team has achieved incredible results and huge level-up in microbiological science. Our scientists have also started a grand turnover in apiculture by inventing multifunctional food and protection for bees.

  • Validity on global market
  • Authenticy due to our competition
  • Defense against contagious diseases
  • Effectiveness in combating microorganisms
  • Speciality in all kinds of chemical protection